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Our Commitment to Retail Ready Packing (RRP)

At Snack Garden we are committed to delivering our products in Retail Ready Packaging which is optimized for pleasant consumer experience, efficient stocking and sale. We know how important it is for retailers to have products come in shelf ready packaging to reduce stocking and labor costs.

Good RRP results in more stock and range on shelves, faster replenishment, better availability, more product visibility and easy navigation for shoppers. Meaning more sales and profitability for your snack category and company as a whole. 

• More product per pallet therefore fewer pallet shipments

• Less warehousing space used

• Fewer delivery trucks on the road

• RRP results in overall sustainability increase

We are devoted to implement 100% RRP to all of our shipments and working in accordance to each retailers specific requirements. Let’s cut down on restocking time, commit to having no empty shelves, and make sure consumers purchase with ease! 

RRP is one way to convey sustainability while achieving cost savings for your company. Much of consumer purchase decisions are made in-store and improving product visibility and accessibility will increase consumer purchase decisions, increasing sales and profitability for your category and company as a whole.